Reception to Recognize Anniversary of Invasion of Ukraine

Just one year ago Russian troops invaded Ukraine, launching a war that has devastated the Ukrainian people and compelled the international development and humanitarian community to help. In recognition of the 1-year anniversary of the Russian military invasion in Ukraine, SID-US and DevWorks International have invited Krzysztof Szczesny—co-founder of Americans for Ukraine and Director of the Modlinska Humanitarian Refugee Centre—to share his unique perspective on the current and future needs of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and throughout the world. After transforming an exposition hall in Warsaw into a refugee center in the early weeks of the war, Krzysztof has built a team to serve domestic and global needs around refugee support and has become a leading advocate for reimagining the way we do humanitarian assistance. Krzysztof hopes to show the world a novel and dignified way of helping refugees recover and integrate into their host societies. At the reception, Krzysztof will share his story and unique approach to responding to refugee crises and will respond to audience questions.

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