Creating Stronger, More Resilient Communities

DevWorks’ mission is to support people around the world to pursue opportunities for equitable social and economic growth to create stronger, more resilient communities.

 DevWorks International Welcomes New Board Member

DevWorks International is pleased to welcome Byron Radcliffe (CEO, and President of Equal Access International) as Member-elect of the Board of Directors. Read the full press release here.


Through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, DevWorks International continues to support the communities and households we work with globally, championing their safety, health, and well-being. In the countries where we operate, we continue to fulfill our mission and values, creating stronger, more resilient communities by strengthening access to and knowledge of safe sanitation and good hygiene practices. Our highest priority is the safety and security of our staff and partners, with whom we are working closely during this crisis to continue delivering our programs in the safest possible ways. We are coordinating with our government counterparts, including Ministries of Health, to ensure our work continues and the gains we’ve made in healthcare facilities, communities, and households are sustained and built upon through this time and beyond. Click here to read more about our COVID-19 response.


Announcing DevWorks International

We are excited to announce that SNV USA has adopted a new trade name, DevWorks International (DevWorks). Read the full press release here.

Our Approach

Unlocking Local Potential

We build capacity of governments for service delivery, train businesses to be market-oriented, and work with civil society groups to promote civic engagement.

Private Sector Engagement

We foster public-private partnerships (PPPs) between governments, the private sector, and civil society to enhance innovation and reach.

Market-based Solutions

We facilitate pro-poor market systems change to provide sustainable access to goods, services, and livelihoods for all community members.

Our Sectors

We deliver market-based solutions across five areas: agriculture, water, sanitation and hygiene, youth, governance, and natural resource management.


From households and smallholders to agribusinesses, traders and national policy makers, DevWorks strengthens market systems in the agricultural sector.

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DevWorks works with all stakeholders to improve access to clean water and sanitation.

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DevWorks builds civil society organizations’ capacity to effectively advocate for the interests of their constituencies and promote transparent and accountable local government.

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Environment & Natural Resources

 DevWorks works at the nexus of environmental conservation and economic development.

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DevWorks helps youth find work, create businesses, and get involved in their communities.

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Cross Cutting Themes

Applying DevWorks’ Values to
Create Transformational Change.

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