Launch of the Communidad de Cafés Especiales (CCE) Project in Peru

USAID and Central Café and Cacao are pleased to announce the launch of the Communidad de Cafés Especiales (CCE) project to benefit more than three thousand specialty coffee producers by 2026. The Peruvian coffee sector has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, yellow rust, and a global pricing crisis. However, global consumption of specialty coffees has increased in recent years. In this context, Central Café and Cacao is launching the Communidad de Cafés Especiales (CCE) project. The project will improve coordination and the technical and productive capacities of coffee cooperatives, while emphasizing sustainability and climate-focus.
Central Café and Cacao will work with 10 cooperatives: La Florida, Satipo, Pangoa, Alto Satinaki, ACPC Pichanaki y Sonomoro in the Junín region; Incahuasi, Quinacho y Cacvra in Cusco; and San Juan del Oro in Puno. In total, they represent 2,929 coffee growers dedicated to the production of certified and specialty coffees. By 2026, more than three thousand producers from central and southern Peru are expected to benefit.

Of the project, USAID Mission Director Jene Thomas says, “For more than 20 years, USAID has supported the Peruvian coffee sector to give farmers legitimate economic opportunities through a better crop yield, access to finance and to competitive markets that give a fair price for their produce. We are very pleased to sign this agreement with Central Café y Cacao, as a sign of our commitment to boost the supply chain of specialty coffees to the benefit of coffee growers in the Junín, Cusco, and Puno regions. We are sure of meeting our proposed objectives.”


By the end of the CCE project, it is expected that 3,200 coffee growing families will triple their income from their farms, from an average of $4,866 to $15,341, and to increase exports from 100 to 225 thousand quintals. To achieve this, the project will undertake diverse activities, including the provision of technical assistance, capacity building, domestic and international exchanges, participation in fairs, business, promotion, and trade tours.

“As a producer country we have a competitive advantage by possessing a rich biodiversity and different climates, necessary characteristics to obtain an excellent coffee. With sustainable and efficient production of consistent quality and market access, Peru has a great opportunity to position itself globally as a producer of high-quality coffees. We are sure that the CCE project will contribute immensely in reaching this objective,” says Geni Fundes Buleje, General Manager of Central Café & Cacao and the CCE Project Director.

The CCE project is implemented in partnership with DevWorks International, Fondo de Garantía Latinoamericana (Fogal), la Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Los Andes, Atlas Coffee, Red Fox, Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), and World Coffee Events (WCE).

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